16th September, 2016
16th September, 2016
5th September, 2016

With 1 million copies sold in the UK alone, last year saw Emeli Sande beat Adele’s ’21′ to become the highest selling LP in the nation in 2012. Now, with the US slowly but surely catching onto her well deserved hype, tonight will see the ‘Heaven’ genius perform live at the ‘ChapStick Sessions concert’ at Hollywood’s Key Club, in association with MySpace with support from Skylar Grey. So, ever to eager to catch up with the acts you care most about, That Grape Juice caught up with Ms. Sande before the hotly anticipated show’s live stream hits the air in a matter of hours. Check it out below…

TGJ: Hi Emeli! How are you?

Emeli: I’m good thanks. I’m actually getting ready for gig at the ChapStick Sessions tonight, so all is well.

TGJ: Great, we’re looking forward to it. So,we love ‘Our Version’ and in December it hit sales of 1 million copies sold in the UK, what are your thoughts on its commercial success?

Emeli: It was very unexpected. I made an album that I loved but you never know how people are gonna react, so I’m very happy. I think a lot of it was word of mouth, you know friends telling friends which has been great(laughs).

TGJ: There’s been so much talk regarding your new album. When can we expect it? What can we expect in the way of sound? Producers?
Emeli: I really don’t know yet. At the moment I’m still kind of touring and I’m trying to fit in different times for me to write, but as of now I’m not really sure about it, but I’m excited about it.
TGJ: You’re one of the only UK acts that can boast of having a ‘mega selling’ album and smash hit singles, why do you think this?
Emeli: I’m not sure. You know, there’ve been a lot of artists that have been successful and who’ve done amazing numbers like Ed Sheeran and Adele, and If I’m being honest that’s down to them putting out songs that really mean something in people’s lives. It’s not flashy, it’s just life and I think that’s what made people connect.
TGJ: Right. So, The Brits are in a week’s time and you’re up for multiple what would winning t mean for you?
Emeli: Oh my gosh, winning a Brit would mean be amazing. I mean, winning Critics Choice last year was great but I hadn’t really proved myself yet but coming back this year- with the album being out- winning one would mean so much. It would be the best night of my life (laughs).
TGJ: As successful as you’ve been, very little is known or discussed about your private life. What inspired this decision and do you find it difficult given the social media age we’re in today?
Emeli: Right. You know I think it’s important for me to be able to come home and keep my sanity outside of everything  else. I think it’s important for every artist to be able to do that, which is why I’ve kept some part of my life private.
TGJ: You’ve enjoyed so much acclaim in the UK, how much pressure is there to match this in the US?
Emelie: Thank you.  I mean I’d love to match the success all around the world and it’s great because the album’s started to do really well in Europe. I’ve been doing a lot of shows and letting things happen naturally so I think everything will fall into place.
TGJ: As successful as the One Directions have been, it’s often quite difficult for UK acts to break in the US. Why do you think that is?
Emeli:I think it’s a combination of things. You really can’t go over there for a month or two you know, you really have to invest a huge chunk of your life to make it happen- you know to try and break it. Also, our music can be very specific and sometimes things that work in Europe don’t work elsewhere- you know there are so many different reasons. I think if you put out great music and your patient and willing to put the work in, it’ll work out.
TGJ: Speaking of the US, everyone over there is buzzing over Beyonce’s half-time show. What did you think?
Emeli: Yes! I loved it! I was in San Francisco and I just thought it was amazing and the best part about it was that she was singing live the whole way through. I loved it. She’s amazing. I’d actually love to write for her.
TGJ: We’d love to hear that. Moving on, many were surprised to see you perform three times at last year’s Olympics Ceremony in London, how did that come about?
Emeli:I was so honored to be asked. It was great to represent the country and when the opportunity came around I couldn’t turn it down. It was actually one of the highlights of my last year.
TGJ: You’re performing at the ChapStick sessions tonight. In an era of auto-tune, why is live performing so important to you?
Emeli: Live performances are important because it defines an artist. If you can really move somebody live it’s amazing because in that moment you express yourself and really help people, which to me is the whole point of music.
TGJ: And finally, what else does 2013 have in store for you?
I’m starting to write again which I’m really excited about, and of course there’s the BRITs so yeah, I hope to have a really fun and fast 2013.
TGJ: Emeli, thanks for speaking with us and good luck tonight.
Emeli: Thanks! Bye!
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