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Last week Labrinth released the music video for his new song ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ lifted from his debut album ‘Electronic Earth’. The song will also be on Emeli’s repacked ‘Our Version of Events’ which comes out later this month! The video was released last week but wasn’t available in the US to view so that is why we are so far behind on this post, sorry about that. Enjoy the beautiful video below!

Hey everyone, check out this beautiful scan from Emeli in ‘Hunger Magazine’. Emeli looks beautiful! Emeli talks a little bit about the direction of her new album saying ‘This album was a bit more polished, so maybe next time round I’ll make it a bit more raw’. We can’t wait to see the rest of the photos if their are more to come!

Scottish pop-star Emeli Sande will host a song-writing workshop next month for children in the prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

The workshop, to be held on October 16,  for children from the boroughs of Hackney and Lewisham, and will see the children working together with Sande’s band to create original music and songs.

The workshop will then culminate in a live performance, just one month before the ‘Next To Me’ singer hosts her own concert night there.

Sande told Music Week, that she was “really excited” when the idea was initially suggested by the Royal Albert Hall.

She went on to say: “It’s really special to have the opportunity to work with children and I’m sure I’ll take as much inspiration from then as I can offer in return.”

Emeli Sande will be playing the Royal Albert Hall on November 11.


PETER: Is the first part of the song “Read All About It” Where It Says “You have a voice change NATIONS, But Bite Your Tongue” XDCC avtobiogravski and personal for you? Describing pediodot of your life When You Were Not Quite Sure of Themselves whether to Come forward and start to sing, and not just be a Songwriter? Or perhaps refers to An Even Earlier Period of your life, Childhood, When She Grew up in a completely white environment?

Emeli: I think vushnost combination of those Two Things. To Find That Confidence Something That I worked MOST of my life. I Was a very shy Child music Was the only way I COULD express myself. So Definitely It Comes to Finding That voice, to write a song and Share It with the World Without fear of saying the Wrong Thing. Every sin. Just Have to start to Believe in Themselves.

PETER: Zburuvajkji Your Childhood, Which Is najvazhanata Thing That I Learned as a Child? Or maybe a Situation or Advice That Still remember how important?

Emeli: I was still in elementary school, I was 9 or 10 years old and I remember My Music Teacher Came and asked me – “Can You Sing Adele? Being the Lead singer and Leading the all? “I Was very shy and SHE said – “Adele now is NOT the time to be Modest.” That Sentence left me impressed Because She Was right. If you’re good at Something You Need to Come Forward and Take It. For Me It Was a great incentive to Stop Being ashamed and hide in and I start to think that I’m able to do something.

PETER: You do not use cheap Tricks, no costumes, makeup and scandals to Be Popular, But you’re selling artist in Britain this year. What is your secret and What You Want to Be remembered in The Music Industry?

Emel: I never Had Any expectations to BE the best selling artist in the UK, I just wanted to do music That I would Be Proud. I am His biggest critic, Always Try to Be Even Better. I not want to do music and I bought One and I would love listening to. So I Do Not Know Which IS the secret, perhaps Connecting with people, I Think We Forgot The Importance of the connection Between us humans and writing songs That Will Bind and Stay with us.

PETER: But there are too many theater music scene today.

Emeli: Anyone can make A SPECTACLE But not everyone can write a song That Will touch and move the people you live with. Texts there in THAT I WANT TO BE remembered, It is MOST important to me. I’d like to BE remembered for the lyrics I write.

PETER: mention music that you would not have bought and Heard. What music are you listening to When you Were young?

Emeli: My First Album Was Music Box Mariah Carey I Love HER voice. For me this album is Fantastic. During this time She worked with Walter (Afanasief), so that’s the Texts Were Perfect, these ARE songs That Are Still living with me . I lived amidst desolation in Scotland, I Was in London Where the main events and I Did Not Know What Was cool, so I LISTENED to what ‘My Heart Was saying That It is good music, so I HAD Mariah, Nina Simone, I wanted to Listen to Classical Music. Simply music whether It made me happy or sad Touching to me.

PETER: How do you feel when the results emerged under which you have this year’s best-selling album in the UK, which beat the “other” Adele in album sales?

Emel: It was a really nice feeling. But Then I HAD to ask myself why I feel so good, Because the sale Was never a Reason to record the album. It Was Fantastic for the Reason That the album SOLD Well Without Promotion just a Recommendation from person to person. But, of course, IS a great feeling when you know that’s Someone buys.

PETER: When Already mentioned, Adele once tvituvashe “How amazing,” of course Referring to you. What do you think about it? At the end of the day, however Because It Had to change the name.

Emeli: Adele is wonderful, It IS ANOTHER example of music That speaks to people. If you go Through An emotional phase and write about it, Then people Will Understand It. Why Sell so well. She Was An Inspiration to all of us That people Still Want to Hear That kind of music. and Her voice and He Has a Unique tone.

PETER: Have you thought about what to record a duet?

Emeil: Maybe, I do not know, I never Thought about it. Maybe, you never know.

PETER: I Notice That with EACH successive day popovrzana with Big Names from the music Industry. Performed with Madonna AT the Show Graham Norton Coldplay’s asked to support Their Tour, Alicia Keys IS ONE of the Most common Names Associated with you AS An Associate. Is there any celebrity that you really close prijtel or someone who has always wanted to know?

Emeli: I Have some really close friends of Celebrities. When We work on Something Together you can NOT see Them Then spend time, But all ARE very busy and can NOT senajde Quite a While for the right to associate and to CREATE friendship. Alicia Keys IS ONE THAT TRULY connect the find and time to go out to dinner and hang out to STAY friends. I love Labrint (labrinth) Mysteries (Tinie tempah) Professor Green (Professor Green) and I Want to Work with Them, But Almost never see, all constantly working.

PETER: And anyone who would like to work and who always had been as unforsaken dream?

Emeli: I’d love to work with Lauryn Hill or at least to introduce. I have a million Questions for Her, I Think She Has the best music Industry understood how It Works. I Think It Will Be A Wise conversation.

PETER: You Were certainly the biggest star of this year’s events Olympics Opening Closing by only you Perform Both. Whose Idea Was to play and What You went Through the head WHILE HE played? Was either intimidated.

Emeli: Oh, I Was Very Scared. First team called me Danny Boyle Who directed the Opening ceremony, invited me to Perform and I said “Of course.” A week later contacted me and the team of Kim Gavin WHO worked closing, I said “Yes, of course.” The first time I Was Very Nervous. Twenty minutes Before you climb on stage Thought I would forget it and Lyrics Site and melody I never Felt ponervozna. The song Was too important and I knew how many people WILL SEE It. The second time I Was Nervous again, But There Were Jesse Jay Mysteries Pace and many others, and An atmosphere of Celebration. It Was more fun and Celebration as the games went well and Britain Won many medals. All Were great mood, so I was much more relaxed.

PETER: I read an interview in which you say that yours is not a man who is well rapsolozhen morning, saying that while the sun is izgreano songs that you write it in the trash!

Emeli: Yes, I have to get Into this sensitive mood. When the sun is up in the sky, thinking – What should I do today, What Will happen, how Will you get there … Your mind is completely elsewhere. And When you turned off the lights, you not have a piano, all CALM Almost all sleep, I think It’s best writing. I Do not know why, But the daily time is NOT my time.

PETER: Failed to Understand, so you Explain to me if you like That person Who is happy in love is able to write songs as Clown, Suitcase or Maybe? ‘s really happened to me a Situation That you sing in Suitcase But I Do not was something very happy in love then, I thought you are.

Emel: All Have Their moments When They Are up and down. When I have Downs, write about it. When you’re happy you Do Not Need to keep, just live. But music for me IS like a Diary, It put Every Emotion , just write down when they occur.

PETER: You mean that you and Adam were you in such situations when he did pakval bags and leave.

Emeli: (Laughs) We HAD and We Have Their good and bad moments, and quarrels. But It IS Part Of Any Relationship would Be concerned if You are constantly happy.

PETER: But We Had a very happy Moment, your wedding at the weekend in Kotor. How Did The Wedding?

Emeli: Awesome, was perfect. Could see that It IS Our Wedding Was completely relaxed. All my friends and family Were there. Argue That It IS Definitely One of the happiest days for me.

PETER: How do you feel now that you’re married?

Emeli: I Thought I would Feel somewhat differently, But Actually I feel much older. I am committed, although I Do Not Think That in life there ARE many Things That Need to Be tied This is really important to me and I would like to pay tribute.

PETER: I noticed that just want to come in the countries of this region, do you have a favorite food or drink from our local which just like you?

Emeli: I like Your yogurt is not in the UK, and here I Drink Every morning, really love. Paprikash I Also like pudding. I love When I Come here, here all know how to live. Relax and socialize Something That can NOT often meet in London.

PETER: What are your next Plans? Do you plan a concert in this area … I mentioned a while ago that in November I expected concert at the Royal Albert Hall, it is so very important event for every musician.

Emeli: Yes, indeed. Two years ago When I performed in front of Alicia Keys at the Royal Albert Hall, I remember you Imagine what it would Be like if I would have turned That room. Evening concert at RAH. For me It IS very important that’s in November going back there to play. But here I would like to promote my music more, Held several concerts.



Earlier today Vevo released the music video for ‘Wonder’ by Naughty Boy which uses Emeli Sande’s stunning vocals! The video is great and gives you a great look at what is to come with Naughty Boy’s new album ‘Hotel Cabana’! Check out the final product below and be sure to comment at the bttom with what you think of the video:


Nominations for the 2012 Soul Train Awardshave been announced with leading nominees including UsherNicki Minaj and Emeli Sande.

With details confirmed during a nomination ceremony Wednesday, the Soul Train Awards will be presented for the first time in Las Vegas, NV and will be hosted by Cedric “The Entertainer.”

“Every year, Soul Train Awards acknowledges the achievements of today’s most famed entertainers in multiple categories,” reportsCentric/BET.

Usher is among those with leading nominations in the fields of Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best R&B/Soul Male Artist. All together he has a total of five nominations.

Newly appointed “American Idol” judge Nicki Minaj has also been nominated for Best Dance Performance, a field she shares with Usher (“Scream”), Beyonce (“Love On Top”), Rihanna (“Where Have You Been”) and Chris Brown (“Turn Up The Music”).

Rising soulful singer Emeli Sande has been nominated for two awards including Best New Artist.

Due to air in November, the Soul Train Awards ’12 will also present a Lifetime Achievement Award to New Edition.

The Soul Train Awards ’12 air on BET and Centric Sunday, November 25th at 9 p.m.


The ‘Next To Me’ singer – who has been dating Adam for seven years – wed in a traditional ceremony in the Eastern European country on Saturday (15.09.12) and plans to enjoy a ‘proper honeymoon’ with her new husband.

A source told the Daily Record newspaper: ‘It was a fairly traditional service in the evening. Emeli looked beautiful in a designer dress. Her fiance wore a lounge suit.

‘There will be more celebrations before everyone heads home but Emeli now has some time off so will get to enjoy a proper honeymoon.’

She also plans to take his surname, and become professionally known as Emeli Sande Gouraguine and take a Montenegrin passport.

Speaking on Montenegrin TV, she said: ‘I want to be the part of his life and his family, so I want to add his surname.

‘I would also love to have a Montenegrin passport. I want to be part of his tradition.

‘I grew up in a family of two different cultural backgrounds, so I embraced both.’

Emeli has previously claimed she struggled to deal with her bi-racial background.

She said: ‘Apart from my sister, Lucy, there was nobody else there who looked like me…

‘People knew you in the village. But any surrounding place you’d go to, you became a spectacle. People would stare, and it felt like a big thing.’

Congratulations to the couple from EmeliDaily!

Emeli Sandé has been nominated for the MOBO Awards which will take place in Liverpool on November 3. Winners will be chosen by a public vote. Head over to Mobo.com to cast your votes!

Best Female

Emeli Sande
Jessie J
Jessie Ware
Rebecca Ferguson
Rita Ora

Best R&B/Soul Act

Emeli Sande
Maverick Sabre
Rebecca Ferguson

Best Video

Emeli Sande – ‘My Kind Of Love’
JLS – ‘Do You Feel What I Feel’
Plan B – ‘iLL Manors’
Rita Ora Ft Tinie Tempah – ‘RIP’
Rizzle Kicks – ‘Mama Do The Hump’

Best Song

Ed Sheeran – ‘Lego House’
Emeli Sande – ‘Next To Me
Labrinth Ft Tinie Tempah – ‘Earthquake’
Michael Kiwanuka – ‘I’ll Get Along
Plan B – ‘iLL Manors’

Best Album

Ed Sheeran – ‘+’
Emeli Sande – ‘Our Version Of Events’
Labrinth – ‘Electronic Earth’
Plan B – ‘iLL Manors’
Rita Ora – ‘Ora’

Earlier today Naughty Boy HQ tweeted that the music video for his new single ‘Wonder’ featuring Emeli Sande will premiere this Friday, September 21st! Naughty Boy even left a little preview of the music video. You can view the image below. We’re so ready for this song to kick off, it’s a very positive, uplifting song that we feel the radio is missing right now. We’re sure the music video will be great!



Last night Emeli Sande took to the stage in Kotor, Montenegro. Emeli performed various hits! View some of the videos below!


My Kind of Love



Next To Me





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Our Version of Events is the debut studio album by Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé. The album was released on 13 February 2012 by Virgin Records, following Sandé's winning of the Critic's Choice Award at the BRIT Awards 2012. Though Our Version of Events is her first release, Sandé has been active in the industry since 2009, most notable appearing on singles by Chipmunk ("Diamond Rings") and Wiley ("Never Be Your Woman"). The album features R&B, soul and pop music. Sandé began working on the album when she was eleven years old.

"Free" is a song by the British quartet Rudimental featuring vocals from English-born Scottish recording artist and songwriter Emeli Sandé. The song was released in the United Kingdom on 18 November 2013 as the sixth single from their debut studio album, Home (2013). Another version of the single also features American rapper Nas.

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