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A few days ago we let you all know that ‘Clown’ was added to Emeli’s Wikipedia page as being the next single. While Wikipedia is not the most reliable source, it turns out that this time it was! Emeli herself confirmed on Twitter that ‘Clown’ is the next single and the video shoot was shot today! If Wikipedia is again then the official single should be released in December and we’re guessing the video to premiere in Late November/early December.  We can’t wait to see the video for ‘Clown’ it’s sure to be great!

Photo Credit: National Post

“You really have made this year so incredible for me,” said Emeli Sande as she stood on stage in front of an ecstatic sold out crowd of fans at the Royal Albert Hall, on Sunday night.

The Scottish singer songwriter really has had quite a year. After releasing her first solo single ‘Heaven’ in August 2011, she’s gone on to have two number one’s in 2012, with her Professor Green collaboration ‘Read All About It’ and ‘Next to Me’.

Her album ‘Our Version of Events’ went to number one soon after its release in February and her status as one of Britain’s most talented new artists was sealed in history when she performed in both the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the London Olympics in front of a global audience.


The awards have also rolled in – 2012 has seen her scoop three Mobos, the Critics Choice Brit Award and the Q Award for Best Solo Artist, on top of plenty more nominations.

“I’m so happy to be here and you sold out this venue this is my wildest dream come true,” gushed the 25-year-old, after kicking off the concert with her haunting and honest 2011 single ‘Daddy’.

Then it was on to her track about a romantic sanctuary, ‘Where I Sleep’. Every note seemed to rise right up to the domed ceiling of the Royal Albert Hall and it became clear we were all in for a treat.

Throughout her 20-strong set list, the Aberdeen-born star dedicated songs to those closest to her. The first, ‘Breaking The Law’, went out to her sister who cheered her on from a box.


Sande was not only dedicating songs to people but also the proceeds of the sold out gig, which she announced would be going to Prince’s Trust. She dedicated her rousing and powerful performance of ‘My Kind Of Love’ to the charity and had the audience singing the perfectly-crafted lyrics along with her.

Next she reminded us she’s also a talented pianist, as she sat down to perform a simple stripped back rendition of ‘Clown’.

“The lyrics of this song are so important to me… No matter how kind you are to people someone is always looking for a clown and sometimes you can be that clown,” said Sande, who seemed so much wiser than her years.

She stayed at her piano for her beautiful song ‘River’ for a mesmerising performance, accompanied by her small orchestra. For ‘Suitcase’, about an abandoned partner’s bewilderment, she was joined simply by her bass guitarist and the performance was still breathtaking.

Sande has performed on some huge stages – over the summer I saw her at Bestival and at the Olympics – but nowhere has suited her as perfectly as the Royal Albert Hall. A place made for huge voices like hers, yet intimate enough for fans to connect emotionally with every note.


“Singing this at the Olympics was incredible,” she said before breaking into her smash record ‘Read All About It’. “If you have a voice you should use it,” she cried – and use it she did. The song started off heavenly with plenty of swaying arms, before the drums joined in and Professor Green bounded onto the stage for his rap segment.

The crowd jumped to their feet and raised the roof for what was to be the first of two special guest appearances on the night.

After an impressively quick dress change into a fuchsia number from Sande, it was on to the uplifting ‘Wonder’ and ‘Mountains’, which she dedicated to her parents who were also in the audience.

“I’m going to end this with the song where it all began,” she said before belting out the up-tempo ‘Heaven’.

Of course there was a feat stomping encore, and she returned for her latest number one collaboration ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ with Labrinth. The atmosphere was incredible as the two young stars soaked in the moment, looking up into the rafters of the Hall, as their ballad was sung back at them.

Sande dedicated the last song of her fantastic concert, ‘Next To Me’, to her husband: “We just got married last month”. Like I said, she really has had quite a year.

MasterCard has partnered with Emeli Sande to provide Priceless tickets and experiences at her sold out tour in support of the Prince’s Trust and Nordoff Robbins this month. www.pricelesslondon.co.uk


Hi everyone, I was on Emeli’s Wikipedia page and came across something. Underneath the deluxe edition of ‘Our Version of Events’, ‘Clown’ has been added as the 5th single and says it is to be released in December. Let is be known that Wikipedia is not a very reliable source at all so this could very well be false information. Although it may not be true ‘Clown’ would be a great Winter song. So for now let’s just classify this as a rumor and nothing more. When Emeli and her team are ready to move on to another single then so will we.

Last night Emeli attended the Grey Goose Winter Ball in London, England. Emeli looked beautiful arriving. Check out the photos below and in our gallery. The ball was to benefit Elton John’s AIDS Foundation. Credit goes to Zimbio for the photos.


Emeli2BSande2BGrey2BGoose2BWinter2BBall2BArrivals2B-msqlAPccPnl.jpg Emeli2BSande2BGrey2BGoose2BWinter2BBall2BArrivals2B079DnbcjGZ5l.jpg Emeli2BSande2BGrey2BGoose2BWinter2BBall2BArrivals2B89UT7NmtF0yl.jpg

Last night in Birmingham, Emeli performed a new song titled, ‘Pluto’. The track is rumored for Naughty Boy’s new album which is due out early next year. Emeli also performed what appears to be another new song which sounds like it could be titled ‘Enough’ or ‘Your Love is Impossible’ but we’re unsure of it for now; however, the track is a very strong emotional ballad. Check out the two new songs below by clicking on the titles.



Unknown Title


Emeli’s UK tour brought her to Birmingham Symphony Hall last night. Emeli did a great job as always. Check out the videos below. Click on the links to watch what video you want to see. Emeli always performs a new song ‘Pluto’ which is by Naughty Boy but features Emeli’s vocals.


List of Songs


Today Alicia Keys released the audio for one of her new songs, ‘Brand New Me’, on her official Youtube page. The song was wrote by Alicia and Emeli Sande! The song is a very beautiful song about telling people you aren’t who you were in the past and shouldn’t be judge on what you have done in the past and you are a new person. Check out the beautiful song below, congrats to Emeli and Alicia for writing another great song together.


TWO of Scotland’s brightest stars, Calvin Harris and Emeli Sandé, are plotting a collaboration.

Calvin, 28, whose current album 18 Months features everyone but Emeli, 24, explained: “Number one on my wish-list is her. She’s great.

“I’ve been a fan since her first single and I’ve been pursuing her, in the nicest way possible.


“We met up and she seems up for it, so I hope that happens.”


Maybe they can cover a Proclaimers song for extra Celtic power.



Two days ago Emeli performed in Glasgow! Check out the great performances below. Thank you to the uploader for uploading them, we really enjoyed them! Emeli performed more songs that are on the list but I could only find videos for the songs listed.

List of Songs


Emeli Sandé may seem like a relative newcomer but the 25-year-old has been carving out a career for herself behind the scenes for a number of years. Before she thrust herself into the public eye she was a writer-for-hire, penning hit singles for Professor Green (“Read All About It”), Chipmunk (“Diamond Rings”) and Wiley (“Never Be Your Woman”), and album tracks for Cheryl Cole, Susan Boyle and Tinie Tempah, leading Simon Cowell to name Sandé his favourite new songwriter.

Since signing a record deal with EMI in 2011, she has had a No. 1 and two No. 2 hits, and has been awarded a Brit and a Silver Clef. After completing her sold- out UK tour, she was invited to join Coldplay on their European tour. Her No.1 debut album, Our Version of Events, recently hit triple platinum sales (that’s over 600,000 copies and counting). Magazine critics, TV bookers, pop stars, punters and award ceremonies are utterly in love with Sandé’s outstanding songwriting, breath-taking vocal and credible compositions with plenty of crossover appeal.

A former clinical neuroscience graduate from Aberdeen, her writing ability, creative eye and mastery of the piano, guitar and cello make it clear to see why she’s one of 2012’s biggest stories in the world of pop.

With America setting its beady eye on her blonde mohawk, her goals, in keeping with her personality and her musical ethos, are both humble yet quietly ambitious. “I just want it to be great music,” she insists. “My intention when I was writing my album was that anyone could relate to it. I wanted it to be universal. I don’t want to be limited to a time or a place in my music. But you never know how people will receive it, so all I can do is sing my heart out.”


Emeli Sandé: It’s been very fast, and a big learning curve in a lot of ways, but exciting. It’s quite surreal, because everything I really wanted to happen has happened and even more. So it feels like a very fast dream.


That you will go crazy if you don’t ask for a day off. And no one will give you a day off unless you ask for it! Also that taking time to see family and friends is really important. This is the first time I’ve been doing festivals, so I’ve learnt about the energy, and how it’s so different from doing your own venues.


I guess for me, I never dreamt of fame and fortune, I just dreamt that a lot of people would know my music, and a lot of people would respect what I do. So far, yeah, it has definitely lived up to every expectation. When you see people of so many different ages and from so many different places singing, or telling stories about your music, then that’s a really incredible feeling.


People ask you questions that you’d never ask a stranger, that you’d never ask anybody that you’d just met. But it’s this weird other world where you’re putting yourself out there and you’re putting your music out there, so there’s an expectation that you share everything. People say, “So when are you getting married?” and I think, “Okay, we’ve just met each other.” I’ve had to get used to those things and how to handle them.


View the full photoshoot in our gallery! Thanks to Hunger Magazine for a beautiful photoshoot!

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Our Version of Events is the debut studio album by Scottish singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé. The album was released on 13 February 2012 by Virgin Records, following Sandé's winning of the Critic's Choice Award at the BRIT Awards 2012. Though Our Version of Events is her first release, Sandé has been active in the industry since 2009, most notable appearing on singles by Chipmunk ("Diamond Rings") and Wiley ("Never Be Your Woman"). The album features R&B, soul and pop music. Sandé began working on the album when she was eleven years old.

"Free" is a song by the British quartet Rudimental featuring vocals from English-born Scottish recording artist and songwriter Emeli Sandé. The song was released in the United Kingdom on 18 November 2013 as the sixth single from their debut studio album, Home (2013). Another version of the single also features American rapper Nas.

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