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We just wanted to let everyone know, we have a new photo gallery. You can access the new photo gallery at EmeliPictures.com!


Hello everyone, I’m quite excited to actually announce that Emeli Daily now has a new layout. This layout was inspired by Rudimental’s song called ‘Free’ featuring our Emeli Sande. Take a listen if you haven’t yet! I’ve tried something new each time I make a website layout but this is probably my most proudest layout I’ve ever made. Thank you Sarah for always keeping the site updated throughout the last 2 years of it running. There’s still a lot that this site has to offer, so stay tune and make sure to follow us on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook. Oh and make sure to follow us on Instagram as well because we will be updating that often. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day/night.


Hey guys, welcome back to our site. As you can see, we’ve changed our layout to something quite different from the rest since we launched the site in early 2012. I’ve decided to make this layout into something new and unique, something that I never did before. I hope you guys enjoy this layout and hopefully it’s easy to navigate! Happy new year to everyone and enjoy. Thank you for visiting.


Hey everyone! Today I decided to put the new layout online, I thought it’s time for change once in a while just to give the site a refresh look so you guys won’t get bored seeing the same layout all the time. I’ve been on and off on this theme and it has been on my mind for a while, until today of course. I change the style up a bit and going towards the professional looks altogether. So, the new featured is that you can now share the post on Twitter and Facebook to your friends and family. You can find the buttons at the side of the news articles. I was think of adding more socials sharing buttons but for now lets just keep the main social site on the line. Oh and I just wanna say a big THANK YOU to Sarah who’s been amazingly amazing (if that made any sense) on updating the site every single day since it was opened. She’s been a good friend and co-worker of this site to bring you guys all the latest on our idol. Once again, thank you Sarah and of course, the visitors…you guys. Without you guys we are nothing, well, maybe a crack on the sidewalk but seriously without you guys we are nothing, we won’t even be at this point. Gracias, merci, thank you!!!


As you can now see we have a new layout! This amazing theme, like all the others, was made by the amazing designer and co-web of EmeliDaily.com, Mac. We basically wanted a new summer look for ED since our last layout had a winter feel to it. Mac did an incredible job! Designer, if you want to order from Mac, follow him on Twitter here.

Thank you all for continuing to visit us here and making us the largest online source for Emeli Sande on the net! Remember, you can keep in touch with all the latest news by following us on Twitter and also by ‘liking’ our Facebook page.

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